10 Of The Most Popular Concreting Services

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In need of some concrete services but not sure of the different options available for the project you have? Whether you require a spiral staircase or you are fitting a swimming pool, there is a concrete service right for you. Read on to find out the different types of concrete services and which suit different projects.

  1. Ready mix concrete – Ready mixed concrete is the most popular concrete service and refers to concrete that is mixed at a central plant as opposed to on the job site. The concrete is tailored to the specifics of each job and is usually delivered in plastic condition in cement mixers.
  2. Easy flow concrete mix – Flowing concrete contains more water so it literally flows easily onto each site. It is incredible strong and can take foot traffic within 36 hours. It requires minimal labour and work with levelling and compaction.
  3. Precast concrete products – Precast concrete is produced off site in a controlled environment, into a specific mould or form. It is then transported to the construction site and lifted into place. This is best for projects that require appearance matches with the surrounding stone or rock.
  4. Concrete pumping service – There are two types of concrete pumps used for transferring concrete by pumping. The first pump is attached to the truck and the other is mounted to a truck or trailer. The pump attached to the truck has a remote controlled robotic arm called a boom that accurately pumps the concrete into place. The mounted pumps are also known as line pumps and require flexible hoses to be attached to the outlet of the machine to help lead the concrete. Boom pumps are better for larger, high volume projects and the line pumps are more ideal for smaller projects such as swimming pools and pavements.
  5. Conveyor/extendable chutes – Conveyors and extendable chutes can be used to fill those hard to reach places. Ideal for those using ready mix concrete, the conveyor is great for filling high walls and the extendable chute is mainly used for underground jobs, such as house foundations.
  6. Prestressed cattle slats – Cattle slats are used for the housing of livestock and the slats are manufactured at a central plant and distributed accordingly. The slats usually come in various sizes with a quality finish.
  7. Sand and gravel – Sand and gravel are among some of the original construction materials and have been used for a long time to fill building foundations, runways, motorways, dams and many more applications. Both sand and gravel are used in the manufacture of concrete, making up parts of the aggregate portion of concrete.
  8. Prestressed flooring – Prestressed floors are best used when a large span and shallow depth are required for a project. They are the most economical span to depth ration and designed to suit the particular needs of each development. Great for producing beams, floors and bridges.
  9. Concrete stairs – A variety of different types of stairs can be formed from simple steps to curves, spirals and helicals.
  10. Skid mounted and rail mounted pumps – These are not used regularly and usually only on specialised jobs such as tunnels and mines.

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