Prestressed Concrete Flooring Vs Precast Concrete Flooring

The main difference between Prestressed Concrete Flooring and Precast Concrete Flooring, is that, the steel rods which make up the reinforcing grid are under tension, and just at the right moment when the concrete is at critical point of setting, the tension is released. The result is that the steel rods try to contract to their normal state of tension thus increasing the overall strength of the concrete slab.

In the video you will see a demonstration of how Doyle Concrete produce Prestressed Concrete Flooring.

Prestressed Concrete Floors

Prestressed Concrete Flooring make it possible to use long spans. The advantage of this is that it adds flexibility to the design of floor plans as restricting load-bearingstructures can be far apart. Prestressed Concrete Floors have another advantage in thatinexpensive materials for many partition walls may be used, which do not have to be load-bearing. Prestressed Concrete Floors provide further advantages mainly around cost-effectiveness.

Precast Concrete Flooring

Doyle Concrete are now one of the the largest producers of Precast Concrete Flooringin Ireland. Strong and dependable Precast Concrete Floors add value to your home.Doyle Concrete will design and install their Precast Concrete Products to your individualrequirements using the latest technology and manufacturing techniques.

Advantages of Precast Floors

Precast Floors represent a growing market at present due to their high quality andreliability. Precast Concrete Products have significant time-saving advantages over otherflooring methods.

All our Precast Concrete Slabs are produced to exact standards in factory conditions and installed by Health & Safety trained operatives. Precast Floors are typically supported by concrete or steel beams or on solid block walls. Precast Concrete Floor Slabs are particularly valued for their insulation and fireproof qualities.