Doyle Concrete’s Easy Flow Concrete

Doyle Concrete’s Easy Flow Concrete is easy to place, required very little vibration, and travels easily through reinforcement.

This process offers a substantial decrease in labor and equipment. Quicker placing offers lower site costs and fits well with nowadays fast construction schedules.

Doyle Concrete’s Easy Flow Concrete range can provide a tough surface finish and is above all suitable for mass concrete pours, slats and precast applications.


  • Low waste
  • Low labour and equipment cost
  • Easy and fast to place
  • Low environment in pace
  • Noise reduction


  • Flowing under its own weight
  • Complies with regulations
  • Almost none leveling required
  • Easy to pump
  • Good consistency

Grainstore – Ready Mix Concrete

The final product will be a grain store which will hold approximately 15000, exactly like the one you see in the video or the photographs. As you can see from the video we are starting work on the walls at the moment. That is just one section of the wall, there will be up to  12 more sections on that wall and they will take approx. two weeks to complete using about 2000 cubic metres.

It is a very specific job to fill the ready mix concrete on that wall. Because of the height of this wall there are only two ways the ready mix concrete  can be poured; either by pump or by crane and skip. Because of the height of the wall, the pump is the better option, so all this ready mix concrete has to be pumped. In terms of manpower and getting the job finished and done properly, we have 12 trucks drawing ready mix concrete in since 5 am this morning. It is now lunchtime and most of the concrete has been poured at this stage. There is a lot of finishing work yet to be done on the ready mix concrete. That aspect is carried out by contractors. We have another section of the wall to pour tonight so that is to be started later on. We should be finished by 11pm. That’s how we would treat most of our projects – if a big job needs to be done, we are here with it until it’s finished.

When on 04th of February 2014 the floods in Poleberry, Co. Waterford reached a dangerous state, at 3.00 pm Waterford City Council rand looking for 26 ton bags of sand. At the time we only had 2 bags filled in, so there was a mad rush to get the job done. Within an hour we had all the 24 bags filled and the Council workers arrived on site with 3 trucks at 4.00 pm. High tide of flood reached Poleberry at 9.00pm. It was great to be able to provide our services to help the council. We are happy that we were part of flood prevention team.

Concrete driveway ideas

Concrete, the most popular choice for residential driveways, is incredibly flexible solution and can be used to achieve a variety of looks. Imprinting and colouring make it possible to use concrete to create the look of natural stone or pavers for a part of the cost. Custom designs can also be created on a concrete driveway to give your home a unique entrance.

Concrete Benefits:

Used in massive construction projects for its strength, concrete is tough and known to keep its form even through natural disasters like earthquakes.

Concrete is a resourceful material that can be imprinted and transformed to many different patterns such as: European fan, random interlocking, natural stone, cobblestone and many more.

Concrete can also be altered using colour. No longer limited to the model gray colour, you can use a variety of chemical colouring and concrete dyes to get nearly any colour you wish.

Being one consistent block makes concrete simple to maintain throughout the 4 seasons.

With the ability to imprint and colour concrete you can accomplish the same look as natural pavers, while saving a considerable amount of money. Concrete is one of the most cost effective paving resources out there.

Decorative Options:

There are many products and methods available to bring your concrete driveway to life. You can enhance your curb appeal by coordinating your driveway’s colour to your home, its style, or make it a colourful piece of art. With endless colours, pattern selection, designs and styles, making a decision can be complicated. Contact Doyle Concrete directly for professional help and support. We will help you to deal with your projects from start to finish.

New concrete truck

Here are couple of photos of our new 8 wheeler truck with concrete mixer and telescopic conveyor. It can reach up to 9 meters and it can fill a height up to 4m. Using this truck saves you time and need of hiring a teleporting concrete skip.

Whether you need concrete products for your home improvement project, or you have a huge construction project for your business, there are a couple of ways you can get concrete cement. Concrete can be mixed or produced right where it will be used for construction purposes, or you may also source it from a concrete mixing plant to have your ready mix cement.

Ready mix cement is produced using mixing equipment, which is actually not located at the construction site. It is named ‘ready mix’ concrete because cement is ready mixed even before it is transported to the site where it’s needed.

If you need concrete for your next project, you need to decide whether to use site batch concrete or Ready mix concrete. While both types of concrete are viable options, one may be a better choice than the other depending on the project. Below are the things that need to be taken into consideration when deciding which type of concrete products to use.

1. Preparation time

One of the first things you should consider is the amount of time it takes to prepare your concrete. Site batch mixing is actually more time-consuming because there are many steps and formulas to use setting the concrete. On the other hand, Ready mix concrete will be delivered to you ready to use. This means that you can have the concrete mix right when you need it. Just like when ordering Precast concrete products, ready mix concrete can be delivered to multiple sites.

2. Effects on the environment

WHen you choose ready mix concrete instead of site batch concrete, you will not have to worry about dealing with any raw materials for your concrete on site. This eliminates any environmental concerns that come with mixing concrete on site.

3. Quality of concrete cement

Of course, you should think about the quality of the finished product when you are choosing between ready mix concrete or site batch concrete. In site batching, there is always a possibility that the cement is not set properly. Meanwhile, ready mix concrete is produced using sophisticated equipment and tools to ensure the quality of all ingredients of the concrete mix.

4. Speed of construction

Ready mix concrete plants use mechanized operations to ensure that construction activities are completed within the least amount of time. This then translates to some huge savings for customers because less time and labor is required to finish the construction.


If you think that Ready mix concrete is the more viable choice for your project, why not get the best value for your money by getting the services of Doyle Concrete? Doyle Concrete is known for concrete delivery excellence that will ensure the quality product for your home or commercial construction project.