Grainstore – Ready Mix Concrete

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The final product will be a grain store which will hold approximately 15000, exactly like the one you see in the video or the photographs. As you can see from the video we are starting work on the walls at the moment. That is just one section of the wall, there will be up to  12 more sections on that wall and they will take approx. two weeks to complete using about 2000 cubic metres.

It is a very specific job to fill the ready mix concrete on that wall. Because of the height of this wall there are only two ways the ready mix concrete  can be poured; either by pump or by crane and skip. Because of the height of the wall, the pump is the better option, so all this ready mix concrete has to be pumped. In terms of manpower and getting the job finished and done properly, we have 12 trucks drawing ready mix concrete in since 5 am this morning. It is now lunchtime and most of the concrete has been poured at this stage. There is a lot of finishing work yet to be done on the ready mix concrete. That aspect is carried out by contractors. We have another section of the wall to pour tonight so that is to be started later on. We should be finished by 11pm. That’s how we would treat most of our projects – if a big job needs to be done, we are here with it until it’s finished.

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