Site Batch Concrete Vs Ready Mix: Which is Better for Your Project?

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Whether you need concrete products for your home improvement project, or you have a huge construction project for your business, there are a couple of ways you can get concrete cement. Concrete can be mixed or produced right where it will be used for construction purposes, or you may also source it from a concrete mixing plant to have your ready mix cement.

Ready mix cement is produced using mixing equipment, which is actually not located at the construction site. It is named ‘ready mix’ concrete because cement is ready mixed even before it is transported to the site where it’s needed.

If you need concrete for your next project, you need to decide whether to use site batch concrete or Ready mix concrete. While both types of concrete are viable options, one may be a better choice than the other depending on the project. Below are the things that need to be taken into consideration when deciding which type of concrete products to use.

1. Preparation time

One of the first things you should consider is the amount of time it takes to prepare your concrete. Site batch mixing is actually more time-consuming because there are many steps and formulas to use setting the concrete. On the other hand, Ready mix concrete will be delivered to you ready to use. This means that you can have the concrete mix right when you need it. Just like when ordering Precast concrete products, ready mix concrete can be delivered to multiple sites.

2. Effects on the environment

WHen you choose ready mix concrete instead of site batch concrete, you will not have to worry about dealing with any raw materials for your concrete on site. This eliminates any environmental concerns that come with mixing concrete on site.

3. Quality of concrete cement

Of course, you should think about the quality of the finished product when you are choosing between ready mix concrete or site batch concrete. In site batching, there is always a possibility that the cement is not set properly. Meanwhile, ready mix concrete is produced using sophisticated equipment and tools to ensure the quality of all ingredients of the concrete mix.

4. Speed of construction

Ready mix concrete plants use mechanized operations to ensure that construction activities are completed within the least amount of time. This then translates to some huge savings for customers because less time and labor is required to finish the construction.


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