Waterford Fire Station Rebuild Project

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Brief Waterford Fire station history.

At a Corporation meeting on 3rd February 1903 it was resolved:

That in view of the recent disastrous fire in the City and the great want felt for a proper Fire Brigade, the Council approach the different Fire Insurance Companies with a view to inducing them to consent to make an annual contribution, pro rata, towards the maintenance and equipment of an efficient Fire Brigade.

At a meeting on 7th July 1903, 4 men, from a list of 9 submitted by the Fire Brigade Committee, were ELECTED as Firemen subject to them passing a medical exam. At a meeting on 1st December 1903 it was agreed that the sum of £528 14s 8d be borrowed from The National Bank at 4% per annum interest “…in connection with the building of the new Fire Brigade Station…”. The loan was to be paid back over 40 years.

7th June 1904 Mr. P Costen’s tender for the building of the Fire Station was accepted.

Today we have 32 full time firefighters and 14 retained firefighters protecting the city and surrounding counties 24/7.

2013 – 2015 Fire station rebuild project.

Duggan Brothers were the construction contractor on the project and Doyle Concrete was main supplier of concrete, mainly because having in concrete pump truck on stock, which was putting us in an advantage over our competitors. We have started working on the project on 26/09/2013 and finished on 15/05/2015.

The Fire station was a very large project and 90% of concrete has came from our Waterford branch. On busy days we delivered concrete also from our Hugginstown branch to fulfil construction needs and keep project scope accurate.

This build with historical significance was one the largest project we have dealt with. We are glad to leave our landmark in Waterford City.

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